Malta, Amsterdam, Köln

A daily dairy from our 2014 Eurotrip covering Malta, Amsterdam and Cologne ft. Karma & the Kieslichs

Early last year, I had been fortunate enough to be invited on a trip with my Mom to Cyprus. Shortly before we left though, I had watched a series on BBC that covered some hidden ‘gems’ of the Mediterranean. One of the featured places was Malta - a small island archipelago - and since then I’d been absolutely obsessed with this mysterious country and felt I needed to experience it for myself. 

While in Cyprus, I tried with all my might to somehow reach Malta. I felt this was my chance to take advantage of how near I was to it. I spent hours at the Four Seasons Cyprus hotel concierge trying to find any possible means and ways of getting there. Unfortunately there was not much I or anyone else could do due to the fact I only had in my possession a Cypriote (and not a Shengan) Visa. 

Today I find myself in Malta, and it is literally a dream come true! The more I learn and come to know it, the more I love it, just as I thought I would. This blog serves to act as a daily diary of our adventures in Malta, as well as the other cities we visitied, namely Amsterdam and Cologne. 

To read all about my experiences in Malta, visit my Tumblr blog which I update daily as I make my way through this majestic little island:

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