Life through Hipstamatic: intro

It's no secret - I can't live without my iPhone. It is what it is, a blatent co-depency. On the occasions I was forced to be without one, like in instances where mine had been stolen or lost, I did feel somewhat like I was missing a small limb. It hurt. I longed for my iPhone's superior camera, I ached to check my Instagram feed, but mostly I missed having my companion: Hipstamatic

There are many things I could say about why I love Hipstamatic. Mainly though, it's fun. The many lens and film combos make for endless possibilities in terms of results. It's random. It's pocket-sized. It's usually always at hand. 

Apart from all the obvious points, I mainly love the actual pictures it births. I hope you'll get even half the amount of satisfaction I get from these moody pics.



Photographer and design consultant