Marché Aligre

Though I really felt like sleeping in this Saturday, I managed to {semi} pull myself together to attend an outing to an open-air market. Marché d'Aligre is a fresh goods market which is made up of two main sections: the covered market called "Marché Beauveau" {where you will find most meats, cheeses and fish} and the open-air market on Square d'Aligre {where you will find most fresh fruit and veg goods}.

Personally, I'm somewhat of an "energy sponge", and upon arrival my sleepy spirits immediately felt awakened by the sensory experiences that engulfed me. It was really busy, buzzing with people and voices. Though it is outdoors there were so many varieties of fresh aromas in the air, scents of flowers, vegetables and greeneries.

The open air market bosts many stalls, a lot of them with similar offerings but some larger and some smaller. There are a lot of people to cater for, so that's not a problem. I recognised most of the fruits and veg from back home in South Africa, though I did discover some new things. The vendors were all quite friendly and because I had my camera and was taking pictures - of well - everything, they would tease by shouting "1 photo = 5€!", to which of course, I played along and said "ah, c'est bien!", and handed them some pretend Euros with a wink. I am pretty sure if you'd like to try any of their goods {within reason}, and if you ask nicely they would gladly oblige. 

The closed market is where the sensory experience noticeably changed. Rich aromas of meat, fish and dairy filled the air. We tried some delicious cheese, Campte being my favourite. 

To conclude the experience we went to Le Baron Rouge to taste some fresher than fresh oysters and mini shrimps. I wasn't so fond of the tiny little shrimps, I found the taste a little too 'fishy' for my liking. However, it was my first time tasting an oyster, and to my surprise I quite liked the experience, reminded me of tasting the sea. 

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