Today I woke up to a wet, moody Paris. Paris is definitely a "walking city", people who live and stay here walk - a lot. Before moving here I was a little daunted by the thought of this, having been told about how cold and wet the winters get. Well you wouldn't have thought so, but I must say, I really do enjoy walking Paris come rain or shine. When it's rainy and wet, especially when at night, this city takes on a whole different persona. The city of lights is now illuminated not only from above, but is reflected on the wet streets below too, so in a sense there is double the effect. It's really very beautiful, and because the buildings here generate a lot of heat there tends to be mist that rises up from the pavements and streets, creating a very atmospheric scene. 

So, here is my day in pictures:  

As one does on rainy days, when you're far too lazy to venture out or have no motivation to try cook anything semi-fancy, I made myself a camembert sandwich. Camembert is something I've come to eat only very recently, and in fact this camembert pictured here is the first camembert I've ever purchased from a store. So because I felt unsure of how exactly to go about eating or even cutting the stuff, I literally Googled "how to eat camembert". I'm so glad I did this because I learned something I would never otherwise have learnt: camembert is ideally served and consumed at no less than room temperature, so before eating it,  make sure you've let it sit outside for at least 30mins. 

I saw a really tasty-looking recipe of a camembert salad yesterday and had some left over from that, so I made a sandwich of similar ingredients: one baguette (fresh, of course); camembert; pecan nuts; balsamic glaze and my secret ingredient (and addiction from back home in South Africa): Nando's peri-peri sauce (medium heat). Sounds strange maybe but trust me, it was really good. 

After a balanced amount of tidying the house and getting some work done, it was time for my lesson with Matthieu, a Parisian boy I meet with on a weekly basis to help improve his English skills. 

When  the lesson ended at 6pm, it was already dark, and seeing though the bus would be another 12 minutes before arriving at the stop I was at, and the nearest metro wasn't on the corresponding line I wanted, I decided to walk home and take in all the pretty lights being reflected in the puddles of water on the ground. 

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