First signs of Spring in Paris
magnolia 1

Happy Monday {"bon lundi"} everyone! 6 Months ago today, my two little feet touched Parisian soil for the first time after having made the huge decision to move here, without ever having been to France, let alone Paris, before.

Today I still couldn't tell you what drove me to make such an impulsive, crazy, huge decision - the kind where you say goodbye to all that is familiar and comfortable, in search of well, a certain "je ne sais quoi". All I know is I am still in search of it, and my quest here has only just begun.

I'm so greatful to all the people I've met along the way thus far, you've all unknowingly gifted me with some wisdom and not to mention kindness. This experience hasn't been easy but it's been beautiful, and I've grown (and will continue to grow) so much over the next little while.

These pictures were taken on the weekend at the Palais Royal, where magnolia blossoms are out and blooming, so gorgeous.

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