Sunrise graduation shoot with Taylor

Ah, my first sunrise shoot in Paris. I am slightly ashamed to confess that before this shoot I had not been able to bring myself to get up early enough to catch a Parisian sunrise - absolutely shameful! In my defence, we have only just (very barely) come out of winter here. More than feeling shame as a photographer who’s been residing in Paris since September last year, I feel a sense of potential loss for those sunrises I’ve missed, because let me tell you this shoot awakened a new Parisian world for me!

Paris is a big city, and it’s crawling with tourists pretty much any time of day. This means that peaceful & quiet moments are rare, moments where the air is still, where you can’t hear the sounds of rushing cars or scooters, or the hustle bustle and chatter of pedestrians scurrying along their merry way. Naturally this means it's much easier for me to capture my subjects without other people or obscurities getting in my pictures - it's like you have the whole of Paris as an empty set, and that's pretty damn cool. There are other benefits, too. Usually the air is still and mild, there is little or no wind. The colours in the sky are just gorgeous and so are the general lighting conditions which flatter the subject.

Taylor had just finished her studies in Paris, her favorite city, before moving on to other places, and wanted something to remember her time here. We started shooting at around 7am at Trocadero, after which we moved on to Louvre. The shoot lasted approximately two hours and both Taylor and myself are very pleased with the results. Doesn't she look gorgeous? 


If you are reading this and feel you'd really like to do a photoshoot like this one or any others you've seen in and around Paris, contact me via the message form on my contact page here. I'm very happy to answer any questions you may have. 

In collaboration with Yolanda Villagran Photography

Photographer and design consultant